Why did he have to choose this towering unstable bridge to act out his pretence at suicide. He was athletic, agile, I was renowned for being clumsy.
Maybe that is why my fiancée sent me.
If I fell to my death from here, plummeting into the misty depths of the ravine, he could comfort her. They could be publicly together, mourning my death, then free to date openly after a respectable time.
They didn’t know that I knew about them of course.
I never told her of my powers of psyche. It would have freaked her out. I knew from the beginning, even before their first realisation.
I knew, too, of my own death, he would push me.
So why did I go to him?
My terminal tumour, that’s why.
He went to push me, I grabbed him, and we fell.
If I couldn’t have her, neither could he.


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