The rules of the game


149 words

The rules of the game

She pleaded with God, Virgin Mary, and all the angels.
Then she said the word I have longed to hear for over twenty years.
It was against all the rules of the Gods, of chance, and of the game. I knew it was wrong.
That one word changed everything.
For eighty minutes I wrestled with my conscience, with everything I knew to be good and true.
It was a cup game. It was my fathers birthday, also my brothers debut appearance.
‘It would make your father so happy, son.’ She was desperate.
They tore off my wings. Banished me from the heavens, threw me to earth to survive.
As I fell, I heard a roar from the crowd, my brother had set up the goal that beat their long time rivals.
I landed on the streets, amongst the whinos and warehouses.
‘God, Where is this hell?’


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