I saw the cat in the wall cavity.
A black cat.
I looked around to see if another one of the team had also seen it, but they showed no signs of noticing, certainly no outward signs.
I shivered.
I knew it was there, but there was something else.
Leonard read my body language.
He scowled. I knew he wanted to be the first to see something, and he resented my being more aware. New kid on the block, and all that!
He called the ‘Time team’ over to dismantle that part of the wall, his instructions given in apologetic tones, implied it could be a waste of time.
Despite the activity around the wall I sensed something else.
They scraped, chipped and moved stone and mortar.
A cry heralded the find; a mummified cat.
Then I looked up and saw ‘the something else.’
The witch!


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