Cupid, draw back your bow.

The required setting was parking lot, or as we say in England car park. The picture was a ninja type guy with a pouch of arrows.

190-210 words only

Cupid, draw back your bow.

It wasn’t my choice of job, but last in the queue doesn’t get to pick.
A naked, chubby, cherub I am not. I can’t hang around unseen in the air, you won’t find pictures of me on valentine cards, or wedding invitations and as far as I know, no one has yet written a song about me, but I do get to carry a wicked set of arrows.
I’ve been in the car park for two hours , when I see Amelie looking over towards the BMW.
Sure enough, the target of her affections is returning to his car.
He stops to talk to a short nerdy guy in a Skoda, then walks on.
The arrows have been tipped with her musky scent and she will be in his sight. Loves sweet dream. I will soon be two hundred pound richer.
I take aim.
A car pulls up, blocks my view, I curse, it pulls away.
I aim.
Another car. Drat!
I see him.
He’s opened the door to his BMW.
I quickly draw back the bow, aim, release… “No!”
“Mr Harrison, wait!”
Nerdy guy turns, as the arrow pierces his heart, he spies Amelie. A love sick grin spreads across his face.
She glares at me.


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