Elephant and Castle


The Elephant and castle.

I felt a nudge and ignored it. I was enjoying a short break from working, answering the nudge would commit me to half an hours play time.
There was too much work to do…
My father didn’t come home from the war, but Grandad did. One night, at the dinner table, he casually told us of his incredible idea.
It was difficult to believe that our hopes and dreams had materialised, after years of searching, saving and heartache.
He moved us all to a derelict victorian castle, in acres of grounds, and soon a procession of the fabulous and weird, were knocking at the door asking for jobs.
That’s when I met Chunee, the young calf who followed me everywhere. He nudged me again with his trunk. This time I looked up, and smiled as his trainer, my fiancé, beckoned me.
Break finished, I went back over to the circus.


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