Elite: Return, and Downfall. Two flash fiction, same prompt.


This was the photo prompt for a story between 140 -150 words. I did two stories for this one.


She roamed the house barefoot.
She liked to feel the cold, roughness of the floor, it helped her remember her younger days, when she would sneak down stairs at night and open the door, run into the night and meet her friend.
At the gate she would put on her shoes and pull the hood back off her face. He would be waiting for her by the first oak tree, she would run to him and they would share a midnight feast from her basket.
She stopped by the huge range stove, it was still thick with grease and blackened from smoke, brushed away the cobwebs, touched the rail at the front and shuddered.
The last night they had met, something felt different, as she reached into her basket, he howled, mouth wide open.

The roasted wolf tasted strong but good, they hadn’t eaten for days. She would miss him.


Later in the day I had a second flash of inspiration….

Another piece of approx 150 words….


Their heritage was an elite, long line of rulers, the original blood line of Queens. Now their, once grand, palace stood defiant in a damp and decaying forest of lifeless trees.
Not long ago the forest inhabitants had prospered. There was enough food source for all the workers, and the Queen and her attendants grew fat on the riches. Her army was loyal and could be relied upon to protect her at all costs.
On one fateful day, when the sky had failed to lighten beyond the sludge of dirty grey, and rain hadn’t ceased falling from blackened comfortless sky for days, they moved in.
It didn’t take them long to invade, they attacked without mercy.
Those caught became disorientated, wandering around like the ghoulish creatures of horror films, the rest, the flight of the living dead, absconded leaving the Queen to the mercy of the zombie fly.


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