Heads up


Heads up.

We all dream in black and white, right?
Only, this morning Jez tells me that he had a dream in full technicolor.
‘Mickey, it was amazing! I lived in this huge mansion in the countryside. The trees and grass were fresh greens, the flowers bright pinks and reds. It was so real, I didn’t want to wake up.’
Jez was found on the streets.
I know for a fact he hardly slept last night. he didn’t dream in his sleep, he dreamt in his head.
If he had told me that same dream was black and white, I might have believed him.
I dreamt last night. It was the dream I’ve often had since I saw Jez on a city street, spying on a woman he thought was his mum. This time, the woman turned around, and Jez didn’t fall to his knees sobbing, with his head in his hands.
I smiled.
‘Hold on to that dream, Jez.’

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