The Flip side of Competing


The Flip Side of Competing

The competition was canal themed.
I risked a dunking, setting up my shot. Weeks before I’d noticed the reflection of the warehouse in the canal, saw how the air vents stuck out over the water. I went back when the light was right, then rigged up my DSLR camera to look down on the air vents, and focused it ready. With the aid of climbing tackle, I managed to strap myself to the vents, upright over the water, using the remote control to take the photo of me playing the trumpet.
To my horror, the committee displayed the photograph flipped, to look as though I was lying down!
The trophy, went to the newest member, and her chance snap of a duck, standing on top of another duck, who was standing, on one leg on top of a lager can.
The caption read. If Carling did ‘Ducks and Drakes…


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