Aeron carefully put away the saw.
He paged his team.
Caddoc was already there and waiting, his backpack bulging with supplies, adding to his bulk built up from weight training.
The morning had been bright, but weather quickly changes in the mountains, and spring is the silly season for the novice.
Within the hour, the team reached the area picked up by the helicopter, were Aeron quickly assessed the scene. Five teenagers, two older men leaning over a deep crevice calling down to a young man.
Caddoc sprung into action. The rescue was more complicated than first supposed, but once the man was air lifted to the hospital, and the subdued group, led back down to safety, Aeron returned to his saw.
His award winning totem, captioned ‘Saved. The Dangers of relying on GPS.’ showed the fifteen hands of the eight survivors, placed at the foot of the mountain.


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