This is a shortened version of 140 words, taken from a longer short story


My stepsister inherited the best of Dad’s looks.
We were beauty and beast in everything, not just looks.
In a rush to get to work, my sister pushed aside an elderly woman, I was the one who stopped to help the lady off the floor.
The lady heard me swear at sis, wish all sorts of awful things on her. Embarrassed, I apologised, and explained that it wasn’t the first nasty incident of the week, and refused to accept a gift for helping her.
‘You shall have your reward.’ The lady winked at me.
It was not long before I guessed what that reward was.

Screams from the bathroom, brought us all running.
‘I had a spot and now it’s gone!’
‘The spot?’
We saw a bottle at the side of the mirror, labelled, ‘Blemish Remover’ subtitled ‘ugly defects removed.’
Sis turned. We gasped.
‘No, my face!’


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