Almost ( a second time)


He swore, cursing himself for being conned out of fifty pounds to stay in the dark, damp, stinking, foresters home.
The story had been interesting enough. A murder over ninety years before, left a restless spirit and a headless woman, roaming around at night. Lights had been spotted glowing through the cracked windows. Strange noises reportedly emitted from the walls, locals gave it a wide berth.
The organisers,, had set up infrared cameras, microphones, and gadgets for detecting electromagnetic energy, and temperature changes, but the only temperature change was from the hot air generated by know it all’s, not spooks.
As he reached his car, he heard crackling, then saw a strange light inside, the engine had started and it was pulling off down the track.
To his horror he saw a headless spirit was driving, the other was messing with the stations, causing static on the radio.


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