Travels with a coffin


The volunteer sat in the chair opposite and opened his book.

Jean liked Ken, he was a stocky man with little brain, but he was a friendly face in this prison called a nursing home.

‘What are you reading, Ken?’

‘Travels with my aunt. It’s about a quiet man and his eccentric aunt, who gets him into adventures on their travels. I wish I could have travels and adventures.’

‘I’d love to have one last fling before I’m bedridden.’

‘You’ve got the money, why don’t you?’ 

Jean sadly pointed to her walking sticks.

‘Only way out of here is in a coffin.
The next week Ken beckoned Jean to the door. Standing there was a homemade coffin, like a papoose.

’I’ve put straps on it an’ everything, Jean. I’ll carry you on my back. Let’s have some adventures.’

Jean chuckled with delight.

‘I’ll get my purse. Where are we going?’

Inspiration taken from Round Ireland With a Fridge and Travels With My Aunt!


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