A Voice .


A Voice
I see the violence every day.
I avoid, keep out the way.
If I lie low, be good and meek
I may survive another week.

I feel the tension, taste the fear.
My heart races when they’re near.
All it takes is a word out of place
A misunderstood order, a vague face.

I’m just a child, I have no voice.
I’m a nothing, have no choice.
Who can I turn to, wish I knew.
Who will help me, if not you.

Prompt was from #VisDare108
83 words.

I have been absent from the blog for a while due to family and health, but today’s prompt struck a chord and the poem came to me. It took minutes to write, but the background inspiration for it will always be around. Help stamp out violence and bullying inside and outside the home. Every child has the right to be happy and safe.


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