Around Ireland with a coffin.

A bit of levity after the last post…Works best if you read it thinking ‘Father Ted and Dougal!

Round Ireland with a coffin.

‘What’s that you’re reading, Francis O’Cleary?’
‘Round Ireland with a fridge, Mrs Kenny.’
‘Is it good? What’s it about?’
‘ It’s a guy who traveled with a fridge at his side for a month , because of a hundred pound bet. The fridge cost him one hundred and thirty! How ridiculous is that.’
‘I’m reading; The hundred year old man, who climbed out of a window and disappeared. Your book doesn’t sound ridiculous at all.’
‘You’ve never liked it here have you, Mrs Kenny?’
‘It’s not a home, it’s a prison. I’ll only get out of here in a coffin… How does one hundred and fifty pounds sound to you, Francis?’


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