Today is another day.

A poem I wrote for mental health week.

Today is another day

Today is another day
Of fog, that blinds the mind
And suffocates the cells.
A carousel of words.
Constantly passing by
in ever turning circles
too fast to pick one out
and keep tight hold.
They dodge my grasp
like flies that buzz
Inside my ears,
around my head
On and on and on.
I can’t catch them.
I can’t grasp the words,
I can’t catch the meaning
I can’t make myself understood.
Then tired.
All perseverance battered,
I give in.
I can’t fight it.
Time has taught me
stress feeds the engine
that spews out
the sickly substance
that coats coherence
and becomes
my marshmallow brain.
I had nothing to say,
of importance,
Tomorrow is another day.


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