All the fun of the fair.



He beckoned me to enter the wooden building.
“You have fun, missy.”
I paid.
I had nothing else to do. Most of my friends had an excuse to avoid the day out, I couldn’t stay at home.
The building was filled with mirrors. Mirrors to make you look thin, mirrors to make you fat, disembodied, big head with small body and vice versa.
In a dark corner I peered through a slat in the wall.
The reflection facing me half face, half skull, was me as a teenager. Fresh faced before it all went wrong.
As I stared, the half face morphed into a bitter, scowling face with sad eyes. Lost. Lonely.
I turned away.
At the exit the man handed me a photo.
It was me, a little older, but laughing.
The caption read; It is not too late to strip back to the bare bones and build anew.


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