Giving Them Wings



The boy waited.
His own banishment did not worry him. His concern lay with the outcome of his argument with the Elders of the district.
He dared to challenge the wisdom behind the district cleansing, caging of the slow witted, stubborn, impaired and unloveable. They were labelled dirty vermin.
“They have other qualities. Give them time to discover their inner beauty and knowledge. Let them free.”
“Who are you to question the decisions of the Elders and the district tradition?”
He broke into their cage at night, left the door open for them to walk free.
The Elders drove him away. Sent him to the city of a hundred tongues, amongst the homeless and the nameless.
The Vermin, determined to find the boy so he could tell them more about their qualities, homed in on his light.
It was not an easy quest. Some stayed behind, nervous about what lay ahead. The rest followed the path of his flight. They negotiated labyrinths of temptations, pain and gluttony. They  braved storms, abuse, rejection and predators.
Some fell away, weakened by the journey, others found death waiting for them. It was a difficult search, even for the strong amongst them, but still they ploughed on.

Close to the fetid vagrants with sleeping bags, but far removed from the suited and brief-cased, the boy sat on the steps of the square. He heard calls and raised his head.
His lips parted into a wide smile, his obvious delight showed clearly on his face.
One by one they appeared.
All of the remaining Vermin found enlightenment, as he predicted they would.
Each had learnt their qualities and value to society along the way.
They delivered, to the boy, their gifts of love, unity, truth, understanding, determination, loyalty, faithfulness and above all experience and wisdom.
Their self discovery gave them wings.


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