The Greatest Show

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 20.49.07


Two years in the making, today he would show them all he was still the King of entertainment, there was a young rival to compete against now, he had to make it spectacular.

Satisfied with the technical details, he only had the one chance, he chose to perform his new magic stunt in the woods. There, no-one could accuse him of trickery, the audience would be able to walk around him as he pulled off the best stunt of his life.

He knew it would be a success, despite not being able to practise due to the side effects of draining his energy and putting pressure on his organs.

There was a hush as he lowered himself into the empty frame.
Gasps of disbelief and horror rang out as his lower half gradually disappeared.

Too late he realised he’d omitted to devise a way of returning from the abyss!


2 thoughts on “The Greatest Show

  1. I left a comment for this on the VisDare website – but I dropped by here to say (a) LOVE THIS ENTRY and (b) I don’t know your Twitter handle but I’ll be tweeting this link later tonight, because I think people ought to read it. If you are on Twitter, please ping me at @Angela_Goff. Hope to see more VisDares from you!


  2. Thanks for running it and the wonderful prompts. Without people like yourself providing inspiration, I wouldn’t have tried Flash Fiction. I would have missed out on a world of very short stories. (See Omitted – ‘The Prompt Thief’ )


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