Train of Thought



The tutor handed back her final assessment.

“Read my example of a happy ever after, again. Then maybe I could meet you after the course to give you some pointers. You show promise.”
“No thanks.”

She remembered the corny example.

‘John jumped across the gap, onto the last carriage. The bomb was set to go off soon. He leant forward to unhitch the carriage from the rest of the train, as he did so he looked straight into her eyes.
“Goodbye, darling. Remember I loved you.”
 Her heart lurched as he separated the carriage. It was in that moment she realised If she couldn’t be with him, she didn’t want to be with anyone else either.
She jumped across the gap to join him.’

Bleugh! Her heroine wasn’t that stupid, if the hero was daft enough to get himself blown up, then he could do it on his own, she’d find someone else.

She packed away her laptop, tossed her Romance Writers course booklet into the bin on the way out of the room, heard the tutor call her name, but carried on walking.

She turned, glimpsed the pink briefcase, and quickened her step. How very ‘Barbara Cartland’, she would stick to writing crime and thriller novels. Romance was definitely not for her.

The tram was at the platform.

She was aware of her tutor still following as she boarded the last carriage.

Then as the tram began to pull away, he shouted to her.
 “Don’t go! Give me your hand to help me on, I need to see you again. We need to talk.”

Something cruel inside her made her reach out, despite having no intention of helping him up.
  He threw his briefcase at her feet and stretched, almost grasping her hand.

“I’ve loved you from the moment you joined my class. If I can’t be with you, I don’t want you to be with anyone else either.”

She withdrew her hand, as planned.

Then as she looked at the briefcase, the realisation of his words and intention slowly dawned on her.


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