Welcome to Fibro Fog Flash Fiction

The worst part of having Fibromyalgia, besides the chronic pain and fatigue, is the Fibro fog.

It takes an intelligent person and steals their mind. The simplest words escape you. The ability to concentrate and retain information becomes a thing of the past and it makes day to day tasks harder.

I was a designer demonstrator for the textile industry, writing designs for magazines and I had my own craft column in a magazine. Then I was diagnosed with cancer and it appears the chemo and cancer combination triggered Fibromyalgia.

Once able to write 3000+ words a day of fiction or none fiction, I found myself googling the simplest of words.
‘What is the word for… Was a popular starting point of most of my google enquiries.
It stopped me writing for a while, then, not to be defeated I started writing flash fiction. Mainly to keep the old grey cells ticking over, but also to keep me writing until the day I could get back on to my novels.

This blog is small, bite size stories, poems and prose.

Small novels, big tales is born.

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